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Looking for a great résumé?  You just found someone with:
  • a background in writing, sales and marketing;
  • a master's degree in human resources;
  • who has worked with dozens of Fortune 500 companies as an HR consultant;
  • and has highly diverse experience in helping people in special situations get jobs.

Since 1980 I have written thousands of résumés for all levels and types of professions, and worked with a wide variety of special and diverse populations.   Some of my clients have included:

  • CEO's, College Presidents, Successful Business Owners
  • People with disabilities who are no longer able to perform their previous occupations
  • Military personnel needing help with translating their experience into relevant civilian terms 
  • People who, for whatever reason, need truthful and yet creative ways to present their qualifications on paper. 
I combine my writing and editing skills with an ethical-but-effective sales approach, knowledge of the hiring process, access to vast occupational information databases, and creativity.  If you just want a simple resume - almost any version of Microsoft Word will help you format a resume (click File > New > Other Documents).  Good luck!  If your resume really needs to hit the nail on the head and stand out from the others - I hope to talk to you!

For the quickest, easiest, least expensive results:  We can do most of this entirely by email.  Click my email link below and attach your résumé (or just your education, work history and perhaps your job goal) as a Word Document or in the body of the email text.  Give me an idea of what you want done and I will respond ASAP. jreeves@iowatelecom.net
Or call me, John Reeves, at 641.233.0128, and we can do all or part of the process over the phone.

More about John Reeves and The Work Suite's Services:
My mission since 1980 has been to help people develop their career plans and achieve them.  Now, after more than 25 years, I have reached tens of thousands of people in this way either directly or through my products and writing.  I have written a book on job hunting and career development, as well as articles, manuals, video series and I have taught about 400 workshops on the subject.  For the past 12 years I have also been affiliated with the Vocational Research Institute and other leading-edge developers of vocational assessment and employability skills training programs through my sales and training business: "The Work Suite."  I am a great believer in finding and tapping the hidden job market in your field - but I am still amazed at how important a résumé can be.
If you select this resume service you will only work with me, John Reeves, not an employee or subcontractor.  My goal is to provide you with a unique, well-written résumé that greatly increases the likelihood that you will be offered job interviews and jobs.  Some of my clients have been hired "sight unseen" just because of their résumé!  Others have reported that even after the interview process, the quality of their résumé was cited as a major factor in the final hiring decision. 
Other Services:
Vocational rehabilitation professionals and individuals who wish to consider career change might be interested in having a formal Transferable Skills Analysis.  If you are no longer able to work at your past types of jobs, I can perform a transferable skills analysis that will objectively generate a list of other possible occupations for you to consider.  This is especially useful if you have been disabled or if the type of work you have done is no longer available in your area.  A very unque "comparison résumé" showing your skills and abilities as they related to any other occupation can also be generated from this process.  Click on Transferable Skills Analysis.
Lists of employers-most-likely-to-hire:  As a distributor of unique job matching software tools to agencies and private practicioners, my company also has resources for finding unadvertised job leads that few other companies have ever heard of.  Call or email for more information.
Cost of Services:
Fees vary and will be quoted in advance and discussed as we proceed if there are changes.  Expect to spend a minimum of $60.
Organizations will need to authorize an invoice from Reeves Associates by purchase order or letter/email from a representative of the organization who is authorized to encumber billing for services.
Individuals can deduct job hunting expenses on their tax returns.  Reeves Associates will invoice you by email and payment will be made to PayPal by bank or credit card unless other arrangements are made in advance.

Actually, pay only after you have emailed or talked to me and are convinced that I am the person who can best help you with your resume. I charge $60 an hour with a one-hour minumum.  Once we are both satisfied I can help, you will pay the initial $60 to get the process started.  A straightforward resume often takes just one hour and seldom takes more than two hours.  You will be required to pay for additional time - if any is accrued - in quarter-hour increments before receiving your final product.

You are welcome to contact me with a question or special situation to see how we would address it:

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