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On-line Aptitude Assessment
CareerScope Online is a valid and reliable assessment of interests and aptitudes, with instant reports showing the job titles and career majors in the U.S. economy you are most likely to succeed in.

Thank you for your interest in taking the CareerScope Online interest and aptitude assessment.  Before trying to connect to CareerScope Online, we want you to be aware of the system requirements.  Follow these simple steps and you should not experience any rough patches.

System Requirements:

  •  Hardware Monitor set @ 1024x768 resolution
  •  Bandwidth requirements: High Speed Internet connection
  •  Recommended connection speed: 3+mbps ideal, 1+mbps adequate (To run the speed test on your computer:
  •  Recommended Internet Browsers:
  •        Internet Explorer 7,8 or 9 (Internet Explorer 6 will absolutely not work)
  •        Mozilla Firefox 3.5
  •        Apple Safari 3
  •        Google Chrome 2
  •  Plug-ins required: Adobe Flash, Adobe Reader

The cost of taking one CareerScope Online assessment is $49.00.  Once your payment is received, you will be emailed a User ID and Password, along with some simple brief instructions, for taking the assessment at   To start the process and pay by either credit card or PayPal, click the PayPal icon.

We will receive your email address with the notice of your payment at PayPal (we do not have access to your credit card or PayPal account information).  You are welcome to send a separate email to inform us that you are waiting for your User ID and Password, but we will not send them until we receive notice of payment.
If you work for an organization that would like to purchase it's own portal for administering CareerScope Online, please contact your regional representative at the assessment software publisher's web site:
John F. Reeves, MA
The Work Suite * 2346 235th St * Fairfield * IA * 52556