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Transferable Skills Analysis with OASYS Software

Transferable Skills Analysis is a Service For Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals  (Typically the general public does not request this service.)
  • If you are interested in purchasing the OASYS software system, with value-added expertise and training:
  • If you would like a TSA performed using the OASYS software system, with personal attention, please read below:

You will be working with a masters-level professional with over 20 years experience in vocational assessment, career development and vocational rehabilitation.  We use the latest version of the OASYS transferable skills analysis (TSA) software system and provide you with the report(s) via email attachment.  All communications are confidential.

OASYS performs a TSA based on DOT-equivalent work history, and if needed; adjusting the ability profile to reflect current capability.  OASYS reports transferable skills, pre- and post-labor market access, suitable occupations, and wages, outlook, etc. for those occupations.  Placement Goal Comparisons can also be generated at no additional charge.  You will receive the reports as .doc or .rtf files attached to an email.  The reports can be annotated or edited further in your word processor if needed.  The cost for one TSA for one client  is $85 - this includes phone and email correspondence, revisions if necessary, and multiple reports to choose from.

How to get a TSA:

Step One is to access the data collection form* below.  Contact us if you have any questions.  Email or call 641-233-0128.

Step Two is to fill out the data collection form* with D.O.T. work history and abilities indicated - we can help with this if needed.  Email the completed form and we will begin your TSA.

Step Three is to make, or arrange for, payment via PayPal (below) or purchase order - and then receive your TSA reports. 

*Access the TSA data collection form by clicking here.

You can begin the TSA process at no charge - we recommend that you first communicate with us by phone or email to ensure that we can help you.  Once the reports are ready to send, you will be asked to pay or to arrange payment.  You can use the PayPal button at left to pay by credit card, or ask to be invoiced along with the reports we send - typically by providing a purchase order number.  Transferable Skills Analysis for one client is $85.00 and includes entering DOT-equivalent work history, adjusting the ability profile, and selecting various report options as requested by the customer.  Payment must be confirmed or arranged before you can receive your TSA reports. 

If you plan to do OASYS TSA's regularly, you should consider getting your own OASYS software - you can review OASYS and related systems at    
A more in-depth description of what a professional transferable skills analysis entails can be found at Wikipedia, the on-line encyclopedia:
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