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Welcome to the Fairfield Iowa Job Club Web Site

It is estimated that 75 to 85 percent of the jobs available in a community are never advertised.  Most people did not learn job hunting skills in school, and yet many find that the hardest job of all - is the job of getting a job.  The Fairfield Job Club was created to help Fairfielders achieve their short-term and long-term employment needs and goals.  Anyone who is unemployed is welcome.

No meetings at this time.  The Fairfield Iowa Job Club is a volunteer-led group for individuals seeking support and job search skills training.  Both short term (to survive) and long-term (to thrive) job search and entrepreneurship strategies are addressed.  We started on January 11th, 2010 - by February 1st our first member had gotten two job offers, one of which was turned down.  The average time unemployed of the initial group was 7.6 months.  By April, we were lamenting that so many of our regular attendees were no longer coming to meetings - due to employment or starting a new busines!  This is an open entry/open exit job club.  We met every Monday from 8 to 10am at the public library and later at Revelations Bookstore and Cafe, upstairs, with the following agenda: 

1.      Two-minute sharing of successes since last meeting.

2.     Hire Education:  Job seeking skills training generally falls under one of the following topics:

  • Know Yourself - both online and paper and pencil assessments are available, including CareerScopeClick here for free paper and pencil assessments.
  • Know the Market - library research tools, group input on local employment,and community networking techniques - looking up employer lists, wage, outlook, using OccuBrowse+,  and doing transferable skills analysis using OASYS.
  • Market Yourself - resume writing, cover letters, job interviewing, selling yourself (and each other) using the fun and interactive SISTEM employability skills training program.

3.      Individuals ask for help through group brainstorming - feedback on goals, who to talk to for advice, job leads, self-employment ideas . . . .

4.      Goal statement for the following week 

Guarantee - there is no guarantee that you will find a job, although it is expected that most will.  We guarantee that you will have a support group, learn useful things for this and future job searches, and have the opportunity to develop a network.  The Job Club approach has been documented as one of the most effective methods for helping people find jobs during recession.  Some studies show that you are twice as likely to find a job through a job club than you are on your own.  John Reeves used this approach with vocational rehabilitation clients in Fairbanks, Alaska after the TransAlaska Pipeline - 88 percent were placed within 8 weeks.    

Cost - no cost except: please tell us when you get a job.

Confidentiality - keeping job club member names and shared information within the group is requested, but cannot be assured.  So perhaps don't mention the specifics of the perfect business idea or job that you are about to go interview for - or personal information that you would not want to be heard outside the group.  Fairfield is a small town.  But, there is a wealth of community information that can be accessed within a group, and a job lead that one person is not interested in might be the perfect fit for another club member.

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