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These instructions assume you have version CareerScope 6 or above with web-based metered administrations

Centralized Distribution of the CareerScope Web-based Metered Version

If you want to have centralized control of the number of CareerScope metered administrations being distributed to multiple sites using CareerScope’s new web-based metering system, it is fairly simple, and it is definitely easier than mailing and keeping track of diskettes. The following documentation will make the most sense when the software is installed and you are following each step on your computer(s). You might use this as a reference at that time.

In this scenario, suppose a central administrator needs to control the distribution of CareerScope metered administrations to field sites. The first step is that the central administrator (or their IT support persons) should be the only ones who receive the CareerScope Account Information Card(s) with the Customer ID and Log-in Codes – these are shipped with the CareerScope CD(s). If people in the field call in to the central administrator while they are sitting at their computer, transferring metered administrations can take less than five minutes (takes about two minutes after you know what to do and without waiting for e-mails to transfer - far quicker than mailing diskettes). If there is no internet access at the field site, this code exchange process can also be done entirely over the phone, but the codes are fairly long and would have to be written down. It could also be done without using the phone - just by e-mail - especially after the initial session. Here is an e-mail and phone example:

Say that a field site calls and wants 100 metered CareerScope administrations transferred to their computer. First, make sure that no one is currently taking CareerScope on their computer of their LAN.  Assuming the metered version of CareerScope is already loaded in the field, they are told to start the process by going into their CareerScope Management System and clicking the Account Operations menu item, then click the submenu item Transfer from Web-site Account to Local Account. (Note: in the CareerScope management system, during the transfer process, the only way to copy a highlighted item is by simultaneously pressing Ctrl and C; the only way to paste is with Ctrl and V).

At the top of the screen that appears after clicking Transfer from Web-site Account to Local Account, a blue Authorization Code appears. The field site highlights (clicks and drags their mouse over) the code, then simultaneously presses Ctrl and C to copy it, and then Pastes (or Ctrl & V's) it to an e-mail (or Instant Messenger?) addressed to the central administrator, and clicks Send.

The central administrator highlights and copies (or Ctrl C's) the code, and - assuming they have already logged in with their Customer ID and Log-in Codes at www.careerscope.net - clicks the Transfer from Website button, types in field site's Site and User name, left clicks to position their cursor in the Authorization Code box, and pastes (or simultaneously presses Ctrl and V) to enter the code received from the field site. This step is repeated once more for the Confirm Authorization Code box.

The central administrator then enters the number of metered administrations to transfer, and then clicks Continue. After reviewing their selections on the resulting next screen, if no changes are needed, they click Generate. On the final screen the central administrator highlights and copies (or Ctrl C's) the resulting green Transfer Code. Back in the e-mail message, the central administrator then clicks Reply to field site's e-mail, pastes (or Ctrl V's) the green Transfer Code to the e-mail, and clicks Send. Field site can then copy the green Transfer Code from the returned e-mail and press Ctrl V to paste it into the green Input Transfer Code box in CareerScope. One click on the adjacent arrow transfers (or more accurately "activates") 100 metered administrations into that installation of CareerScope. Field site clicks Done and the transfer is done!

The central administrator's web browser is still at the final Step 3 of the transfer process at www.careerscope.net. They can right-click on Back to Step 1 and be ready for the next person who needs to exchange codes to activate their metered administrations in the field. The central administrator can also click View Transaction History and see (or print) a report of who has received metered administrations and see the overall remaining account balance.

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