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Are you trying to TAKE CareerScope Online?  Many people have been coming to this web page because they are trying to get to the CareerScope Online site their counselor gave them.  The site address you were given might look something like:  https://XYvr.careerscope.net.  You are at this web page by mistake because you entered that careerscope.net web site in a search engine.  You should instead enter the web site address you were given in the web site address line at the top of your screen - overwrite http://www.theworksuite.com/id36.html with the web site address your counselor gave you and it will take you to the web site where you can enter your User ID and password, and take the CareerScope Online assessment.  If you are still not sure what to do, please try calling your counselor. 

If you are new to your job and find they have CareerScope installed on the computers or network, or if you need a refresher on using CareerScope, there is an excellent User Guide next to the Help menu item in the CareerScope Management System.  CareerScope Online users can review the Resources tab in the CareerScope Online Management System.  If you need a very short version of how to use the "installed" version of CareerScope, here it is:

There are just three CareerScope commands you might use when administering the assessment:

  1. EXITCtrl-E - - You may exit a CareerScope assessment at any time by pressing Ctrl and E simultaeously.   If you exit during the middle of an aptitude sub-test, that sub-test must be re-taken later when the assessment is resumed (for CareerScope versions prior to version 8, this also applies to the interest inventory as well).  Be sure your client/student uses their same ID number when they resume their CareerScope assessment - and it will pick up where they left off..
  2. Go BACK - Ctrl-B from the "ASK A STAFF MEMBER FOR HELP" screen if they pause for too long or ask for help.
  3. PRACTICE Again – Ctrl-P - repeats the current practice section.

General Points to Remember:

  1. Suitable for anyone (middle school through adults) with fourth grade reading level and the ability to use a computer mouse.
  2. One-hour, self-administered assessment.
  3. They will need pencil and paper for the math-related sub-tests (no calculators).
  4. The assessment session can be split into two or more sessions by simultaneously pressing Cntrl and E.  This should be done between sub-tests - they will re-start at the beginning of the next test if they enter their same ID number at start-up.
  5. If the person taking the assessment is interrupted during an aptitude sub-test, press Cntrl and E so that their results are not locked-in as the sub-test "times out" – otherwise their low response rate will be locked into the test results.
To administer CareerScope to an individual:
  1. Help them click on the CareerScope Task (CS Task) icon for version 8 or above, or Intro (CS Intro) for some earlier versions, for a 5-minute multimedia orientation or bypass the Intro in earlier versions and click on the Task (CS TASK) icon.
  2. Remind them to read and follow the directions carefully - watch over their shoulder for the first few minutes to see if they are reading and following directions okay.
  3. If they are obviously doing well, you might be able to go do other work for an hour – but stay within hearing. 
  4. If they are having trouble (or if you anticipate they might have trouble) with reading or following the directions, you might need to stay close and check on them as they start each subtest.  Use Ctrl and P to repeat the practice sessions if they appear unsure of what to do.  Consider using or purchasing the Audio option if this happens often.  Consider pre-entering their personal information in the Data Entry tab of the CareerScope Management System if time or attention span is at a premium.
  5. If they are not familiar with using the mouse, there is either a CareerScope Mouse Practice icon on your desktop, in the CareerScope group in your Start menu, or in the CSMOUSE subdirectory, or see Installing the CareerScope Mouse Practice Utility in the CareerScope User Guide under Help in the Management System.

To print out a CareerScope report:

  1. Click on the CareerScope Management System (CS MGMT)icon.  Important: Unless you have version 8 or above, do not run the CareerScope Management System while someone is taking an assessment - random database errors can occur.
  2. Enter the Password (if you do not know the password, the serial number on the CareerScope CD case will also work – enter with no spaces, case sensitive).
  3. With the default Search by last name button selected, type the first letter or two of your client’s last name and click Find. Your client's full name should appear.
  4. Click Print Report (assuming you are connected to a printer and the selected reports already have the Configuration you want - e.g. you might want Print Job Titles selected for the Assessment Profile report).

    It's that easy!  If you have questions about using or interpreting CareerScope, check out Report Interpretation at this web site, or go to www.vri.org and find your regional representative.  For Minnesota, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska and Kansas, contact John Reeves at john@theworksuite.com.

    More about using the CareerScope Management System:

    Looking at the Top Menu Items: 

    File - Mostly used to Change Password.  Please don't change the password and not write it down or not tell other CareerScope users.  IF YOU LOST OR FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD: This is also where you can enter the serial number from the CareerScope CD case, and then set your new password.  (Write down the new password right away.)

    DBF Operations - Useful features here.  If you want to show what CareerScope can do but don't want your clients to appear, click Open Alternate Database and then Tutorial and then Practice.  This will show sample clients only.  The next time you enter the Management System you will see your regular client records again.  Consult Help and User Guide to learn more about Merge, Backup, Backup and Clear or Move database.

    Default Settings - Motor Performance Scores: By default these are at the 50 percentile for the dexterity aptitudes - there is usually no reason to change these.  Administration Template: the default is the VRI Standardization Default.  If you just want to administer an Interest Inventory to a group of, say, 11 year olds, or people with CP - this is where to set the default.  (You could also do this on a case-by-case basis in Data Entry tab.)  If you purchases the Audio and/or Spanish administration add-ons, this is where to set those administraiton templates as the default. (You could also do this on a case-by-case basis in Data Entry tab.)

    Evaluee Printing - If you want a true Self-Service career assessment - this allows the client to print out their report.  When you enable this option, you can also specify which report(s) they can print:  Summary and/or Assessment Profile.  The Assessment Profile is the most useful, but also requires the most paper (14-20 or more pages).  The Counselor Report cannot be printed using this option.

    Help - Click a topic in the Table of Contents and you will jump to that topic.  Use the binocular icon to search for key words.  Click the Text icon if you want to cut and paste text. 

    Account Operations - Allows people with the Metered version of CareerScope to manage their usage.  See User Guide and also Receiving Metered Administrations and Central Distribution of Web-based Metered Administrations at main CareerScope Training Site. 

    CareerScope Management System: Looking at the Tabs across the top of center screen:

    Individual Reports Tab - This is what you see by default.  You can search by last name (only partial spelling required) or ID Code or leave the Look For: box empty and click Find - you will see everyone in your database.  Report Type:  Here you see the three CareerScope reports - you can check or uncheck any of them to control whether they are printed.  Configuration button to the right the three reports determines what information is printed.  For Assessment Profile you usually want Cover Page, Interest Inventory, Aptitude Assessment and Recommendations.  Under Recommendations you want Aptitude and Interest (unless they have indicated no interests, in which case Aptitude Only may be more useful).  Select GOE/DOT and Include Job Titles for a report that lists fairly specific occupations for which the person has both interest and aptitude.  Include GED Supplement limits the vocational recommendations based on Math and Reading scores - don't use this without seeing User Guide.  Select ONET for more general vocational recommendations, but which are tied to the ONET system.  Select Legend so that the person can interpret their assessment results in greater detail.

    Configuration for Counselor Report: You can leave all as selected by default.   

    Configuration for Summary Report:  Do you really need the Cover Page?  Do you really need the Legend?  If not, this is a great one-page report.  It might be most useful to select Rank Interest Areas and  Two Symbols for Work Groups.

    The Configurations you select will now be the default for everyone using this installation of CareerScope.  If you change something for a one-time need (e.g. Aptitude Only for a person with no Interests) - change it back when you are done.

    Multiple Reports Tab -  Most often used if you had a busy day or week assessing people with no chance to print out reports.  Using this tab, you can select based on test dates within a day or longer date range.

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