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This Page is Not a Substitute for Reading the CareerScope Startup Guide Manual
The best way to find an installation manual for your version is to download it at http://www.vri.org/products/careerscope-v10/technical-support
But, if a systems or IT person is not available to install CareerScope, or you are without the manual, it is fairly simple and straightforward.  Here is an overview of the process for installing on a standalone computer (this is not for a network installation - only IT people with the manual should probably do that):
  1. Insert the CareerScope CD. It should start the installation process automatically. (Otherwise click Start and then Run and Browse your CD ROM drive for the Install.exe file and click OK).
  2. When prompted, enter your zip code and the serial number located on the CD. Enter without the spaces – and enter the K as a capital K.
  3. Click Next for the screens Welcome and Copyright
  4. For Installation Options, leave the default selection of Management System and Assessment Tasks – just click Next
  5. Select Destination Directory – you will probably want the default. Click Next
  6. Ready to Install – click Install
  7. If your computer does not have Adobe Acrobat, CareerScope will install it for you.
  8. After everything has been installed, click Finish

Note: There is also a utility on the CareerScope CD called the Mouse Practice Utility – for people who are not familiar with using a mouse. You can repeat Steps 1-4 above and select CareerScope Mouse Practice to install.  If your CD does not autostart the process, click Start and then click RunType the appropriate CD drive letter (i.e., D:\) and icsmouse.exe, then click OKSee the Start-up Guide or the User Guide that is now installed under Help in the CareerScope Management system for more detailed installation instructions.

Note: When you first enter the CareerScope Management System you will be asked to enter a new password. If you ever forget your password - the serial number on the CD cover will also work to get you back in the Management System, where you can then click File and Change Password - using the serial number again as the old password - and then setting and confirming the new password.

Important:  When you first enter the CareerScope Management System, most people would like to change the default so that Job Titles appear in the Vocational Recommendations sections of the reports.  This needs to be configured.  To do this, just under the center of the opening Management System screen, directly under Report Type: next to the Assessment Profile, click Configuration.  In the Current Report Configuration box that appears, in the lowest white-bordered box, click the radio button to change from No Job Titles to Include Job Titles.  This will now be the new system default for printing the main CareerScope report that is shared with clients.

Don’t forget there is a wealth of key-word-searchable information in the CareerScope Management System - located under Help in the User Guide.

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