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News: A completely web-delivered version of CareerScope called CareerScope Online is now available.  Assess anywhere from any internet-connected computer!  Complete training support is located under Resources in the CareerScope Online Management System portal.  Contact John@theworksuite.com for more information or a demonstration. 

Harmful Assessment Alert:  If your clients are getting confusing results from a commonly-used free career assessment, the answer might addressed  at http://www.careerkey.org/asp/your_personality/beware_harmfull_tests.html

Did you know you can load the metered version of CareerScope on any or all computers?  This includes laptop and desktop computers and networked computer labs - even at your satellite centers. 

Questions about using CareerScope?  Review the bulleted items to the right, or call John Reeves at 641-233-0128 or email john@theworksuite.com 

Technical Issues?  Try the CareerScope FAQ web site http://www.vri.org or, if you don't see your answer there, call the Vocational Research Institute's (VRI's) Tech Support at 800-874-5387

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After CareerScope - what else can we offer? Click to find out:
1. OccuBrowse+ from VERTEK - automatically imports CareerScope Vocational Recommendations and provides job description, outlook, wage, schools that offer related training and actual internet-listed Open Jobs in any area. 
2. SISTEM from VRI SISTEM’s group-based interactive classroom training format with clickers, as well as through the web as e-learning for individual users; available 24/7 - classroom training in both English and Spanish.  

SISTEM Training topics include:

  • JOB SEARCH (Networking, Resume Writing, Interviewing, Letter Writing, etc.)
  • CAREER READINESS (Attendance, Goal Setting, Financial Literacy, etc.)
  • JOB SUCCESS (Communication, Anger Management, Problem Solving, etc.)
  • MANDATED (ADA, FMLA, Sexual Harassment, Hazard Communication, etc.)
  • SAFETY/OSHA (Blood Borne Pathogens, First Aid, Back Injury Prevention, etc.)
  • BASIC SUPERVISION (Communication, Leadership, Motivation, etc.)

This web site was created as a courtesy by John Reeves - independent regional sales and training representative for the Vocational Research Institute (VRI).   It is a sub-domain of a marketing and information web site - The Work Suite.  If you don't want to see shameless commercialism of assessment and training products; don't click on the red menu items. 

Useful CareerScope User Links:

NE DOL Career Info Site for Use With CareerScope (this will take you to a separate Nebraska Workforce Development browser window)

  • At Nebraska Career Compass under Career Resources click Career Compass.  Look up Nebraska Wage, Outllook, Training, etc - search by Key Word in Title and add it to your Career Basket, then click View Career Basket)

Nebraska Department of Education information about Career Clusters and Pathways, now reported by CareerScope

Click to see Career Clusters model

Click to see Career Clusters Resources

Useful local Nebraska VR site for working with transition students:  http://vrcolumbus.blogspot.com/2007/07/vr-transition-activities-for-high.html

More Help
Previously Asked Questions from Nebraska Users  (scroll down)
Questions will be posted as they come in - start by emailing questions about using CareerScope to John Reeves at john@theworksuite.com    CareerScope-related policy questions for your site should be sent through your supervisor to your organization's Program Coordinator.
Question #1:  What is CareerScope?
Short answer: A one-hour computerized career guidance assessment of interest and aptitude - it is self-administered and requires only a fourth-grade reading level and the ability to use a mouse - reports are immediately available to either the screen or the printer and provide vocational recommendations for those occupations the client has both interest and aptitude for.
In-depth answer: Click on this Vocational Research Institute link for a complete description:  http://www.vri.org/careerscope/index.html   You can see a sample of the main report by clicking on the blue Assessment Profile link when you have scrolled about two-thirds of the way down in the page.  Or just go to the report at http://www.vri.org/careerscope/sample.html

Question #2:  Is there a suggested minimum number a person should score when doing the timed mouse practice?

Short answer: 10

In-depth answer: How I answered this question: I clicked on User Guide in the CareerScope Management system.  That took me into a large document that had a binocular icon for searching - and I searched on: Mouse Practice.  In Chapter Two - The Assessment Process - I found:

"The CareerScope Mouse Practice utility provides an opportunity for evaluees to practice using a mouse and for staff to assess the evaluee’s mouse proficiency. CareerScope Mouse Practice can be operated in either Untimed or Timed mode. In Timed mode, evaluees are given 30 seconds to get as many "hits" as
possible. Based upon analysis of available research data, it has been determined that an evaluee should attain a minimum speed baseline of 10 "hits" (and ideally 14 hits) in the 30- second practice period. Such a rate of performance should enable the evaluee with average cognitive and perceptual capacities to score in the average range on CareerScope tasks. Untimed mode can be used for practice when the evaluee is unable to achieve the desired minimum speed baseline."
Question #3:  I was wondering if you knew how to stop the timer on the aptitude portion of the test.
Good question.  Two answers: 
1. In a normal CareerScope session, you can only "stop the timer" by pressing Ctrl and E simultaneously.  This will stop the sub-test they are doing and you will exit CareerScope.  When they enter CareerScope again using their ID number, they will start at the beginning of that sub-test.  Anything they previously did in the sub-test will be lost when you press Ctrl E - which is not a big deal in the one-minute aptitude subtests, but might be frustrating in the untimed 145-item interest test - say if they were at item 139 and then had to start over.  However, CareerScope 8.0 now allows you to interrupt and resume the interest inventory without losing results.  If a person is confused and not working on an aptitude subtest, I highly recommend that you press Ctrl E immediately and then re-enter CareerScope with their ID which will return you to the beginning of that sub-test.   Perhaps consider using the Ctrl P to repeat the practice session at the beginning of the sub-test, until you are sure they understand what to do.  Do not let a person sit there while the aptitude subtest timer "times out" - this will lock in very low scores for that aptitude.  No you can't go in and change the sub-test scores later in CareerScope.  Yes they might have to take CareerScope over again if you want accurate results.
2. CareerScope 7.0 and above have the ability to administer CareerScope with Untimed aptitude assessments.  To administer CareerScope as an "Untimed" assessment, where people with limited reading proficiency have unlimited time to take the Numerical and Word Meaning aptitude subtests, you need to pre-enter them in the Management System (under Data Entry tab) and assign the INT & APT Untimed Audio template.  Note the ID number you assign them and when that ID number is entered at the beginning of an assessment (after clicking CS TASK) - that person will be given an untimed audio CareerScope assessment.   In the CareerScope management system, under User Guide, I searched the word "Untimed" and found 23 references.  Here is an excerpt from page 20 of the 120-page CareerScope User Guide:

The Assessment with Untimed Tasks

A template with untimed Numerical Reasoning and Word Meanings tasks can be assigned to individuals who present reading-related disabilities. Any of the untimed templates (Untimed Interest and Aptitude, Untimed Interest and Aptitude with Audio, and Untimed Interest and Aptitude with Spanish) can be assigned on an individual basis through the Pre-registration process or universally by making it the default template. (See Chapter 4 and 5, respectively, for details on pre-registering and defining a default template.)

Before the evaluee begins an assessment with untimed tasks (or any assessment for that matter), the CareerScope Management System must always be closed. When the Assessment Tasks program is launched, CareerScope will prompt the evaluee to input his/her ID code. If the evaluee has been pre-registered for an audio template, s/he inputs his/her pre-registered ID code, and then hears the CareerScope audio instructions. These instructions will guide him/her through the phases of assessment: Animated Tutorial and General Practice, Interest Inventory, Speed Screening and Response Record Practice and Aptitude Tasks.