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Products for creating a local job bank, tracking referrals and follow-up, wages-at-time-of-hire and a unique product for increasing success in supported employment.

From VERTEK, Inc.

OASYS Job Match includes all the transferable skills analysis and other capabilities of the basic OASYS system, plus:

  • Local Job Bank - The Job-Bank option lets you create or import an unlimited number of job openings into OASYS JOB MATCH. Once the Job Bank is activated, you can either search the job seeker database for qualified applicants or use the job seeker’s ability profile to search the Job Bank for job openings. These searches use the same skills transfer logic as when the program is matching the person’s abilities to occupations. Thus, you can quickly determine whether you have job seekers see who meet the exact requirements of the job and/or whether there are job seekers who have the potential to learn the job.
  • Tracking - A complete placement tracking capability is integrated with the Job-Bank component. It organizes and reports referrals, interviews and other useful information related to job seekers, employers and jobs. Tracking also reports on job orders and activities related to them, such as the number of job orders entered between two dates, job orders by employer, total placements, retention rates, follow-up needs, job activity; termination status, etc.
  • Reports may be chosen for all the occupational information or specific sections. If you just want to print out a job description and a list of local employers most likely to hire, OASYS JOB MATCH makes it easy. Just a few keystrokes are all it takes to customize a report to meet your needs.
  • User defined status codes and sort fields provide a wide array of options when analyzing job referral/placement activity. You can sort reports by referral source, funding, program, job developers, or any other pre-defined code.
  • The Job Developer’s Workstation provides for entry and management of information about employers and their jobs. It’s the "Job-Bank" portion of OASYS. Here’s where an open job order is selected for searching the job seeker files to find best-suited candidates for referral purposes.

See more about OASYS Job Match at www.vertekinc.com

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