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Welcome to the CareerScope User Certification Assessment
Over 8000 individuals have visited The Work Suite's CareerScope Training Site on the web.  We now offer CareerScope User Certification to CareerScope users and administrators who demonstrate their knowledge of the system.  All information required for passing the assessment is located at the CareerScope Training Site.
This is an open-web test  - you can take your time to find the answers at the CareerScope Training Site.   Anyone can take the test and related training, but you must pay a fee of $35 via PayPal or Purchase Order (directions at end of this page) before your test results are reviewed, and a certificate of successful completion is awarded.   A score of 80 percent is required for passing.  If you do not pass on the first try, you will be given feedback with hints on where to study, and you are welcome to take the assessment one more time.  When you do pass, your "suitable-for-framing" CareerScope User Certificate will be emailed to you.  Click the CareerScope Training Site link below and it will open in another window.  Everything you need to know is located at, or through, the CareerScope Training Site.  If you would like to begin the testing process after reviewing the CareerScope Training Site, return to this window and begin to fill in the form below.  Note: you should only have one window to the training site and one window to this assessment page and then click to toggle between the two - be careful not to open additional browse windows to this assessment page.
CareerScope User Certification means that you understand how to use CareerScope, what type of assessment CareerScope performs, and what the reports mean.  It does not mean that you are a certified career counselor or vocational evaluator - only that you understand this one assessment and it's reports. 

Click here if you do not already have the CareerScope Training Site open in a separate browser window.

Ready to Take the CareerScope User Certification Assessment?  This is an untimed assessment, but once you begin, it is important that you keep your computer on and finish all 20 questions and then click the grey Submit button at the end of the test - your computer will not save your responses if it is turned off before you click Submit.  Expect to spend about 30 minutes taking the test.  You will learn useful information about CareerScope and you can get a certificate that shows you have demonstrated this knowledge.  Good luck!
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If you have not already done so, click here to have the CareerScope Training Site open in a separate browser window - follow the bold links to find the answers - and then click back to this assessment page.

1 According to the CareerScope Training Site which should now be open in a separate browse window; where can the CareerScope "User Guide" - the 100+ page keyword-searchable comprehensive user manual - be found for CareerScope version 7.2 and above?
2. When using CareerScope, if someone is interrupted while taking the assessment - what is the best way to end the session so that it can be continued later?
3. What is the recommended minimum reading level for the CareerScope test taker?
4. When taking CareerScope, what else will the test taker need besides a computer with the CareerScope assessment software loaded on it?
5. If it appears a person does not understand what they are supposed to do on a CareerScope aptitude sub-test, what command keys will help them become more familiar with the sub-test before starting?
6. If the test taker is not familiar with using the computer mouse, where is the mouse practice utility found? 
7. What is the most efficient way to give a concise description of what to expect, how to use CareerScope, and what the test taker will get after the assessment? 
8. The Career Exploration Work Sheets, located in the CSCOPE subdirectory under Counseling Tools, are probably best suited for: 
9. If you lose or forget your password for getting into the CareerScope Management System, you should: 
10. Double Points:  It is after five pm and your tech support has left for the day - you can Print Preview in CareerScope but you can't Print.  Your client really wants their report!  You decide to check the Frequently Asked Question at the VRI web site (http://www.vri.org/products/careerscope-v10/technical-support).  The tech message related to Printing CareerScope Reports at http://www.vri.org/products/careerscope-v10/technical-support tells you "what it means and how to fix it" when "Print Preview works but Print Reports does not" and it reads, in part::
You are half way done.  Now we will focus more on the CareerScope interest and aptitude categories, and understanding CareerScope reports.
11. According to the CareerScope Training Site, aptitude is best defined as: 
12. The General Aptitude Test Battery, or G.A.T.B . was developed by the U.S. Employment Service in 
13. The U.S. Employment Service developed 12 precise interest categories called _______ while another six-category popular system of categorizing work interests are called ________ .
14. In the CareerScope Interest Inventory report, the letters IPA stand for:
15. An aptitude standard score of 100 is:.
16. The "G" aptitude - General Learning Ability - is determined by a combination of which subtest, or CareerScope Task, scores? (You can Google "General Learning Ability" if you can't find it in the CareerScope report legend.)
17. The vocational recommendations in the CareerScope Assessment Profile can be displayed as:.
18. CareerScope makes vocational recommendations and lists DOT Job Titles based on: 
19. If correctly interpreted, the Adjusted Score in the CareerScope Counselor Report can be used to show where the test taker only came close to meeting one or more of the aptitude critical cut scores.  CareerScope gave them the "benefit of the doubt" and recommended occupations using a statistical method called:
20. If correctly interpreted, the I and A columns in the CareerScope Summary Report mean: 
Your Comments (optional):
Finished?  If you think that you scored at least 80 percent (no more than four  possible wrong), click the following "Submit" button.  You can still review and change your answers before submitting them.  Do not close this browser window before clicking Submit or all of your answers will need to be re-entered. 

Thank you for taking the CareerScope User Certification Assessment.  Before processing your assessment results and mailing your certificate, we need to see that you have paid or have sent a purchase order.
Purchase Orders in the amount of $35 per person can be mailed, attached to an email, or faxed to Reeves Associates.  Receipt of the PO will allow us  to process your assessment results and, if you pass, mail your certificate to the address you have provided.  Please inquire about volume discounts if you plan to have three or more people taking the test.
Reeves Associates
2346 235th St
Fairfield, IA  52556

To pay by credit card or with a PayPal account, click the PayPal credit card icon below (you will see where if you don't have a PayPal account, you can click to pay by credit card - only PayPal will see your credit card data).
Be sure to Bookmark the CareerScope Training Site before closing it.
Questions?  Call Reeves Associates at 641.233.0128.

CareerScope User Certification Assessment $35.  Includes test results processing and mailing of 8.5 x 11 CareerScope User Certification document, signed by John F. Reeves, MA  Midwest Training Representative for the Vocational Research Institute, makers of CareerScope.

CareerScope is a copyrighted product from the Vocational Research Institute - www.vri.org