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  • If you are interested in learning about or purchasing CareerScope from the Vocational Research Institute, their web site is http://www.vri.org/.
  • CareerScope Online users should click on the Resources tab in their CareerScope Online management system - see the new training videos!
  • Existing Customers with an "installed" version of CareerScope can use the blue links below to learn about using their version of CareerScope.   
    • CareerScope customers in Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska and Kansas should always feel free to contact John Reeves, Midwest sales and training representative for VRI's CareerScope, call 641/233-0128 or email john@theworksuite.com  CareerScope Users who live outside the above states are welcome at this site - but please click here to find your VRI regional sales and training representative if you need personal attention for training.

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Best "Next Step" systems following career assessment:

Occupational Exploration Programs from The Work Suite  

Employability Skills Training Programs from The Work Suite  

NEWS:  A completely web-delivered version of CareerScope is now available!  Contact your state's VRI regional sales and training representative at www.vri.org to see if CareerScope Online might be the best solution for your organization. 

NEWS:  Ever get frustrated trying to explore CareerScope vocational recommendations on the web?  The OccuBrowse+ occupational exploration tool has now been customized for use with CareerScope!   Enter your CareerScope test-taker's name or ID number and this standalone software program instantly looks up job descriptions, work requirements, wages, employment outlook, employers likely to offer employment, career path, schools that offer related training, and even job openings (many more job openings than AJB).  Easy enough for most clients to use but powerful enough to satisfy a professional's needs.  Reasonably priced - call or email Reeves Associates, or go to www.vertekinc.com and click Products and then OccuBrowse+..

Click Here to Download OccuBrowse+ Demonstration & Training PowerPoint

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